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Cooper "Coop" Wrather is a lead character on Coop and Cami Ask the World. Coop has a popular online channel named Would You Wrather? that he hosts with his younger sister, Cami. Coop and Cami made the channel so their followers and fans could help them make decisions in life. Part of the reason why Coop made the channel is to distract him from missing his late father.

Cooper is portrayed by Dakota Lotus.


Coop is outgoing. He is also energetic and a happy boy in general. He's always positive and coming up with episode ideas for Would You Wrather?. He is sweet, nice, and loving.


Cooper is the oldest son of Jenna and Eric Wrather. He is the younger brother of Charlotte, and the older brother of Cami and Ollie. He is a student at North Plains Day School. During his free time, Cooper runs Would You Wrather with Cami.

In Would You Wrather Take Your Mom to the School Dance?, Coop doesn't want his mother to start dating again because he still misses his father. He reveals to Jenna that one of the reasons he started Would You Wrather is to help him deal with losing his father. In Would You Wrather Put a Sock in it?, Coop tries to repair things around the house in order to feel connected to his dad.

In Would You Wrather Just Dance? and Would You Wrather Help A Wrather?, Coop struggles to run the show alone when Cami is forced to choose between dance and the show.


  • He is a terrible gamer.
  • He plays hockey and is on a team.
  • He eats baby food.
  • He is a bad handyman.
  • He is incapable of being embarrassed because he has no secrets.
  • In Would You Wrather Wreck a Record? He rubbed a pinecone on Cami's head to help her with her nerves and because he saw it work on a cat on the internet.
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